TRaCE McGill

Track, Report, Connect, Exchange

Headquartered at Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, TRaCE McGill aims

  1. to produce a detailed statistical picture of career outcomes for all McGill PhD graduates (the graduating cohorts from 2008 to 2018),
  2. to tell the stories of the education and career pathways of the PhD graduates, and
  3. to help build a PhD community inside and outside the University.

TRaCE McGill’s integration of statistical data, narrative knowledge, and community building is unique in the world among PhD tracking projects

UPCOMING EVENT – Please join us for “The PhD Afterlife”, a discussion with CBC Ideas Executive Producer Greg Kelly on January 29th, 4:00 pm, Arts 230. See News section for details.

Visit TRaCE pilot & TRaCE 2.0 here


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