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TRaCE McGill Quantitative Report

TRaCE McGill is proud to share the TRaCE McGill quantitative study of the career pathways of PhD graduates (graduating cohorts 2008-2018 inclusive) from all faculties of McGill University.

TRaCE 2.0 and TRACE Pilot:
Quantitative Summary: What did we learn from our numbers?

Click here for the TRaCE 2.0 report

Click here for the Pilot project report

Qualitative Summary: What did we learn from our interviews?

Click Here for the Pilot project report

Interviewers: A summary of our graduate student interviewers’ reflections on the TRaCE process.

Narrative Editor: A reflection by our narrative editor, Catherine Nygren, on working with our interviews.

Fiftieth Narrative Spotlight: Dr. Michelle La Flamme’s narrative of her experience before, during, and after grad school, as a woman of colour with Aboriginal ancestry and a scholar of racial hybridity in literature and drama.

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